Darío Morales

Darío Morales López (Cartagena, Colombia; August 6, 1944 – Paris, France; March 21, 1988) was a Colombian painter, engraver and cartoonist in figurative art.

Darío Morales studied from the age of 12 at the School of Fine Arts in Cartagena. In 1962 he entered the School of Fine Arts of the National University of Bogotá. In 1968 he made an important individual exhibition at the Luis Ángel Arango Library in Bogotá. That same year he married Ana María Villa and traveled to Paris with a loan from ICETEX; There he studied engraving at the Atelier (Workshop), with British master Stanley William Hayter. The following year he decided to settle permanently in Paris where he developed his family life, there his daughters Estefanía (1973) and Clara Serena (1979) were born.

In 1972 he exhibited individually in the United States and Europe. He made drawing, painting, engraving and sculpture, standing out for his great technical care in the manner of the masters of the past. He dealt with specific themes of art history, nudes bein the principal theme. The sensuality of the female body was his main obsession; He treated it in a very own way, surrounded by closed environments and everyday objects that, however, gave his paintings a certain atmosphere of “pictorial scenery” on which the model poses.

Since the late seventies, he made bronze sculptures, female nudes in different positions and attitudes, some scenes of higher in which he was portrayed with the model and at the end of his life, bronze still lifes exquisitely skated from the found objects. Morales received a good number of distinctions and awards for his exhibitions. On March 21, 1988, in Paris Morales dies after suffering the disease in recent years in France.

Darío Morales - Galería Duque Arango

Desnudo en Frente de Ventanas Francesas

Date: 1973
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Size cm: 195 x 130 cm