Dario Ortiz


There is nothing more current and lasting than human emotions in all their manifestations: love, desire, triumph, fun, sadness, tenderness, calm, crying, pain, joy and many more. Feelings, our daily manifestations of the soul and the simplifications of being human, have that fantastic and terrible capacity to manifest in our daily occurrence that has no difference in time. The work of Darío Ortiz represents with great eloquence, technique and artistic proposal, all this sensitivity towards the human spirit; making it as contemporary as the being itself. This exhibition of 23 oil paintings is part of an itinerary that began at the seventh Beijing Biennale in 2017 toured several museums in Mexico, Colombia and the United States and the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019, where he participates with 7 large format paintings in the San Marino Pavilion, invited by curator Vicenzo Sanfo. Dario Ortiz has been based in Mexico City for several years and his work is part of important international collections.

Essay for a baroque painting, 2014

The Colombian, 2019

Venetian Memories, 2017

The Pretenders, 2016

Fable of the blind painter, 2016.

Madona for young painters, 2015

Tour a little more, 2015

One meter of blue, 2014

Drawing Academy, 2016

Fable of the brothers, 2005

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