Gabriel Ortega

Tintin and the Renaissance Fable

“Tintin and the Fable of the Renaissance”, a collection of 18 paintings and 12 sculptures in which the artist Gabriel Ortega takes Georges Prosper Remi’s Tintin on an adventure with his inseparable companion Milú: He teleports them back in time to 15th century Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, specifically to the “Ideal City”. So they decide to immerse themselves completely in beauty, participating in the Florentine art scene as exuberant and prosperous as never before, by means of one of the most amusing and subversive tricks of the contemporary: becoming himself part of the great history of Italian art and personally intervening in the works through the Tableau Vivant technique.

San Sebastian, 2022

Tintin Dante, 2022

Tintin as Ludovico Capponi, 2022

Tintin noble, 2022

The Creation, 2022

Isabella d'Este with the Grand Duke of Tuscany, 2022

Lady Castafiore, 2022

Birth of Venus, 2022

Tintin : Lorenzo de' Medici, Duke of Urbino , 2022

Tintin at the Sagrada Familia, 2022