Gustavo Vélez

His passion for sculpture develops at an early age, since he was a child he was certain of what destiny held for him: Art. After finishing his secondary education, the alternative quality with sculpture studies in the academies of his hometown, decide to travel to Florence as an existential choice. He studied at the Lorenzo de Medici Academy in Florence (Italy) and completed his training in the workshops of Pietrasanta (Italy), a place he has been living for more than 20 years and where he currently has his sculpture studio.

In 2013, he was chosen for the individual sculpture exhibition that takes place in this Italian town, the cradle of sculptors worldwide and that in his large history has artists such as Igor Mitoraj, Luciano Vanji, Novello Finotti, Gio Pomodoro, Fernando Botero, Kan Yasuda, Park Eun Sun, among others. With this exhibition, Gustavo becomes the youngest artist to intervene the emblematic Piazza del Duomo and the Church of Sant Agostino with bronze, steel and marble sculptures that reach seven meters high and eight tons in weight.

Gustavo Vélez’s work has been present in the Asian continent for more than 10 years. In Japan, he has made samples in galleries in Tokyo, Utsunomiya, Iwaki and Yokohama. His last exhibition in this country was in August 2015 at the Seiho Gallery in Tokyo. Gustavo has been a promoter of cultural exchange with artists from Japan and Korea for several years. For this reason, he was invited in 2008 to the exhibition on the occasion of the centenary of bilateral relations between Japan and Colombia.

Vélez has made exhibitions in renowned galleries and museums in China such as the Museum of the Imperial City of Beijing. He has also had at the Art Shanghai (China), KIAF (Korea) and Art Stage (Singapore) fairs. In 2009 he made a monumental sculpture (Flying, Korean White Marble) that was located in the Art Valley Sculpture Park in Seoul (Korea).


Date: 2019
Technique: Bronce
Size inch: 21 1/10x 19 3/10 x15 7/10 In
Size cm: 53.5x 49x 40 cm

Hipercubicos ll

Technique: White Carrara marble
Date: 2017
Size inch: 56 4/ 5x 20 1/ 10 x 19 7/10 in
Size cm: 152 x 51 x 50 cm

Torsión II

Technique: Black Marble
Date: 2018
Tamaño inch: 20 1/2x 23 1/5x 9 3/5 in
Tamaño cm: 72.5 x 59 x 24.3 cm

Gustavo Vélez - Galería Duque Arango


Technique: White Marble
Date: 2018
Size inch: 78x 33 1/2 x 37 4/5 in
Size cm: 198 x 85 x 96 cm