Luis Caballero

Painter and draftsman born in Bogotá, in 1943. Luis Caballero Holguín studied art at the University of the Andes between 1961 and 1962, and then at the Academy of the Grande Chaumire in Paris, between 1963 and 1964. From the beginning, his work has been figurative, but at first, his characters were very schematic and defined by a thick line. In 1968 he won the first prize of the First Biennial of Medellín, with a polyptych in which these characters extend in anxious questing searches on blue and yellow surfaces.

That same year Caballero settled in Paris. Since 1970 his work began to observe the history of art, this inclination was highlighted in 1973 in a sample in Bogotá: with a clear reference to the Renaissance, his figures reviewed a beautiful lesson of pure lines, plastic values, movements and foreshortenings. His faceless characters were very lively and expressive, thanks to the dynamism of the bodies, the tension of the lonely and yearning figures and the desperate anxiety of the links.

Luis Caballero - Galería Duque Arango

Sin titulo

Date: 1985
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Size inches: 78 7/10 x 51 1/5 in
Size cm: 200 x 130 cm