Sair García

Sair Garcia


The rivers in Colombia have been partners in the country’s occurrence in all its periods, especially as a means of transport and communication, but in recent decades they have also served as silent witnesses of injustices and unfortunate events, especially the Grande de la Magdalena River, whose only name is synonymous with pain and regret, around which Sair García’s work has revolved primarily.

His work, however, instead of being explicit, has been suggestive, and in spite of recording sufferings and torture, the testimonies in a subtle and evocative way through the representation of scenes and places that show them. On this occasion García presents an installation that It replicates the future of the river, its sinuosities and seemingly placid flow and it does so using steel, a metal that is not only reminiscent of its waters due to its color and texture, but also due to its ductive nature, its ability as a conductor, as a transmitter , manifests an attribute that shares with the river and that eloquently contemplates the metaphor.

Galería Duque Arango - Sair Garcia - Magdalena