Olga de Amaral

Alquimia tetra III y IV

Miguel Duque our Acquisitions Director talks about Olga de Amaral work, her collaborations and her exhibitions in different museums.

Oswaldo Guayasamin

Dolor & Esperanza

This exhibition is an example of the pictorial production of the Ecuadorian master Oswaldo Guayasamín who is not only the most visible artist in Ecuador during the 20th century, but also one of the most prominent Latin American artists.

Fernando Botero

Juan de Calabazas

Acompaña a nuestro director de adquisiciones Miguel Duque (@migueduq) en la presentación de la obra Juan de Calabazas de Fernando Botero (1932). Quien fue bufón del rey Felipe IV y retratado por el artista Diego Velasquez en el siglo XVI.

Fernando Botero

Seis Decadas: 1969-2018

Exactly 20 years ago (2001), the master Fernando Botero gave Medellín and the country a large donation of works of art that today are a source of pride and part of the Colombian cultural heritage. A collection like few in Latin America that is visited by travelers from all over the world, and that has put Medellín on the cultural horizon of the continent.

Alejandro Obregón

Cuatro Elementos

Duque Arango Gallery joins the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the master Alejandro Obregón, with an exhibition of great masterpieces from collector friends and from our own collection, who come together to pay tribute to who has been one of the most beloved and influential artists of national art.

Dialogos + Reflexión

The Duque Arango Gallery presents on display the artists Oswaldo Guayasamin, Enrique Grau, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Carlos Cruz Diez, Edgar Negret, Omar Rayo, Gustavo Velez, Daniel Samper, Oswaldo Vigas, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Douglas Mendoza.

Gustavo Vélez

Vida y trabajo del escultor

Channel Telemedellin reviews Gustavo’s personal and professional life. Where they cover their beginnings in Italy and talk more about their new monumental works installed in public spaces in different cities in Asia.