Guillermo Muñoz Vera

Outstanding works byGuillermo Muñoz Vera

Manila Galleon, 2015

Captive Tower, 2014

Bathroom of the Comares Palace, 2013

Tower of the ladies, 2012

English vessel in the South Seas, 2011

Biography of Guillermo Muñoz Vera

Biography of Guillermo Muñoz Vera

Considered one of the greatest exponents of the New Spanish Realism. He executes a refined and astonishing work, a clear result of his artistic sensitivity and his magnificent training.

Born in Concepción, Chile, on April 29, 1956.

In 1973 he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Chile. In 1977, at the same university, he began to teach drawing as a professor. In 1979 he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University to study anatomy and drawing, and showed interest in other areas such as color physics, ophthalmology, optical physics, photography, psychology of vision, different painting techniques and digital imaging.

In 1985 he left for Madrid, Spain, where he settled permanently and a couple of years later founded his own art academy and the ARAUCO project, a workshop for painting, music, graphic design and theater. Currently, this project has become the Foundation of Contemporary Art and Authors, of which he is vice-president.

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