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Cool, 2021

Laidy in flight

My laidy, 2022

Rabbit and friends, 2020

The lovers

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Modern artist whose production combines traditional practices such as drawing and painting with the use of computer language and new media such as augmented reality and hyperreality.

Orlando Villatoro was born on May 3, 1992. He studied graphic design at the University of El Salvador, graduating with honors and recognition for academic excellence. She has a diploma in Augmented reality and painting at the National Arts Center CENAR, she has participated in two artistic residencies in Costa Rica “invade and resist” in 2019 and “Local warming in the electronic wetland” 2018, she is currently studying a Master in Programming in video games, her first solo exhibition was at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design MADC in Costa Rica.

His work is in private collections in the USA, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

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