3 Fernando Botero’s exhibitions.

11 December, 2023

Any admirer of Botero’s work will by fascinated by his constant need to fill each of the voids on the canvas and all the other characteristics that are a constant in every single one of his paintings, regardless of the theme he was developing.

Also, they will know that the artworks by Fernando Botero cannot be taken lightly; rather, they must be carefully appreciated to find even the subtlest detail, as Botero does not leave elements to chance but rather criticizes, references, and complements through the smaller pieces that revolutionize the simple meanings.

From his iconic bulls that marked his early steps in the art world to the pictorial representations of brothels in the streets of Colombia, the Duque Arango Gallery presented Fernando Botero’s most important works three times in different cities during 2023. His musicians played their compositions while religious figures are situated among Botero’s characteristic still lifes. The most outstanding series of the artist’s career are gathered in one place, giving life to the exhibition “Botero: Más que Volumen”. (Botero, More than Volume). Beyond the recognizable pictorial quality of the master, the exhibition gives us the opportunity to explore everything that has marked him throughout his life, influencing his art. Through different key moments, we are allowed to understand and appreciate the illustrious figure of Fernando Botero.




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