4 contents of Olga de Amaral

7 June, 2023

Olga de Amaral is a Colombian artist whose work is characterized by the use of precious materials such as gold and fabrics to create works that combine pre-Hispanic culture, colonial art and her contemporary work.

Today we bring you 4 audiovisual contents for you to understand more about his work:

1. About the work of Olga de Amaral

Discover why the artist’s work attracts so much attention in international markets and the particularities of her innovative work.

2. Meet the artist Olga from Amaral

We tell you a little about the life of Olga de Amaral and how her work has evolved over time.

3. Alchemy tetra III and IV

Learn about the artist’s most outstanding works and her work in major museums and institutions around the world.

4. Lady Dior

The Duque Arango Gallery acquired the bag that the artist made for the French fashion house Christian Dior and we want to show it to you.

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