Duque Arango Gallery at Zona Maco 2024

25 January, 2024

The Duque Arango Gallery announces its participation in what has positioned itself as the most important art fair in Latin America: Zona Maco.

Zona Maco will celebrate its 20th anniversary from February 7 to 11, 2024 at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City; this will be a special edition that will present leading international galleries with works in painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, video and new media, by the most representative contemporary artists of the global scene.

Find us at Booth AM106 with a proposal of both important Latin American artists, as well as innovative contemporary proposals that are establishing their name in the history of Latin American art. This list includes Gustavo Vélez, Fernando Botero, Ariel Cabrera, Javier Caraballo, Reynier Ferrer, Oswaldo Guayasamín, Julio Larraz, Óscar Murillo, Darío Ortiz.

The Bulls of Fernando Botero

The lunge, 1986
Oil on canvas
140 x 197.5 cm
55 1/8 x 77 3/4 in

Fernando Botero’s bullfighting work describes with great precision the gestures, attitudes, postures and environments that strengthen a unique and authentic vision of this world, capturing the essence and even the smallest detail of everything that is present in the bullfight. Thus, he achieves that this spectacle can be perceived in a striking way and of great proportions beyond the portrayed, because it contains all the elements that define the particularity of his work: voluminous figures, voluptuous representations, games of scales, spaces and particular and unmistakable volumes in his work at the service of the bullfighter, the picador, his horse and the bull itself; the strong colors with meanings, the clear movements captured, the whole spectacle with its violence and beauty.

Oscar Murillo

Untitled (Pork), 2012
Oil, oil stick, and dirt on canvas
208.3 x 167.6 cm
82 x 66 in

Murillo’s work is characterized by its expressionist and gestural style. His paintings often incorporate a variety of materials and techniques, such as oil, graphite and ink applied in layers and in an energetic manner, creating a sense of movement and texture.

His work focuses on issues of identity, migration and globalization. He uses a wide range of everyday objects and materials in his installations to create unique sensory experiences. His performances involve active audience participation and explore social and political issues.

Dario Ortiz

Untitled, 2024
Oil on canvas
130 x 160 cm
51 1/8 x 63 in

His work stands out for its realistic style and its focus on portraits and everyday scenes. He has a great ability to capture the expression and psyche of his subjects in realistic portraits. His color palette often leans towards earth tones and shades, creating an intimate atmosphere in his works, creating a sense of introspection and a connection to everyday life.

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