Fernando Botero: eternal legacy

18 September, 2023

Art is in mourning.

The sadness of this event overwhelms us and leaves us speechless.
Maestro Botero, who for years kept us feeling his essence and his soul through his work.
works, who with his sensitivity has filled us with so much inspiration. Today we feel
deeply his absence, remembering how by admiring his art we were able to feel him among us.
We are a part of it day by day, integrating itself into our lives as one who has no intention of moving away from it.
We will continue to remember the master’s transcendental works with a heart full of light.
Botero, to whom we wish a peace-filled rest, knowing that no matter how much
time goes by, Botero lives and will live forever in his works, forever between

Farewell, dear Maestro Botero.

Duque Acosta Family

Fernando Botero’s story is one that will never be forgotten.

Very few people die and remain for posterity. Fernando Botero through his
legacy, through his work continues and will continue to live forever.

The master Botero, with his seven decades of art, lived a life with the prestige that his
talent and skill deserved it.

His work is immortal. He put not only his name, but the name of the whole country on the stage.
international. The importance of his work continues, Botero’s legacy to art will never be forgotten.
is going to leave us. His generosity in strengthening art in the country would never be forgotten.
Today we pay tribute to his life, his work, and send our condolences to his family and loved ones.
loved ones with the certainty that their legacy will never disappear.

Thank you, maestro!

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