Forte dei Marmi: Gustavo Velez and the history of sculpture.

14 August, 2023

Between the sea and the mountains where Michelangelo chose his best stones, you will find
Forte dei Marmi, where nature, culture and history come together. With its 500 years of
history, the opening of the exhibition Geometric Being of the artist
Gustavo Vélez until September 18, 2023.
It is an exhibition composed entirely of his renowned sculptures.
monuments that now decorate the promenade and the streets of the city while
dialogue with the urban landscapes and the history of a city whose art and culture are
enriched every day.
Gustavo Velez’s body of work is important on the Forte dei Marmi scene.
because it also represents one of the most significant historical-artistic traditions of the
region: sculpture. Since time immemorial, the most outstanding sculptors of the
history have used stone materials coming from the Apuan Alps. Not only
pays homage to sculpture and history, but is rather an exaltation of the work process.
of the sculptor.

Art historian and critic Domenico Piraina, writes regarding this exhibition:

“The sculptural translation of dance and music, realized by Gustavo Velez in the land of noble marbles following the geometric abstraction of shapes and lines, is an invitation to reflect on the concepts of balance, harmony, essentiality, cleanliness, lightness, freedom, which is not only about art, but, more remarkably, about life itself.”

The most captivating corners of the distinguished Tuscan city are home to the eight
creations by Gustavo Vélez, made in marble, steel and bronze, in a space
privileged cultural center with continuous access as an exhibition site. During the entire
During the exhibition period, the public will be free to contemplate these sculptures.

The pieces will be placed starting from the Paseo Marítimo, where “Cono
Geometric”. Kurz square will host “Forato”, two imposing sculptures from 2022 in.
white Carrara marble. Moving forward to the park on via Spinetti, you will find “Enlace
Geometric”. In front of the Hotel Datcha stands “Ritmica VII”, a monumental work of art of
bronze of the year 2019. For the artist, the bronze casting represents one of the most important

means of expression in his work, where, together with the stone materials, he confronts the
beauty and malleability of metals.
In the main square of Forte dei Marmi, the true core of the Tuscan town, the square
Garibaldi, highlights Fortino Lorena. Here, Vélez exhibits “Geometric Expansion II”,
realized in steel in 2021, together with “Dual”, an addition in carrarino statuary from 2022. By
Finally, in the central Via Carducci, there is “Ritmica II”, a monumental creation in bronze.
2019, which, with its proximity to the Oblong Gallery in Forte dei Marmi, introduces the
viewer to the extensive display of Velez’s carefully selected collectible works, which are
arranged within Oblong to enrich the understanding of the artist and his production.
The monumental works of Colombian artist Gustavo Velez provide the opportunity to
to bring the human being closer to the matter. They invite the public to interact with the
two sculptures, transcending material and conceptual barriers to appreciate the art in
its purest sense. The bronze present in Velez’s creations retakes the characteristic
sculptural tradition of Versilia’s history; the steel, on the other hand, brings an element of
reflection that not only reflects the surrounding environment, but also deepens the
connection between the spectator and the work.

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