How to choose the right frame for a painting?

20 February, 2024

Choosing a good frame for a work of art is very important, because in addition to providing aesthetics, enhancing the painting and integrating the decoration of the home, it will also provide protection and help its conservation.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the right frame:

  1. Get to know the work:

Take the time to study the origin, the artist, the period in which it was created and the style of the work. This will help you to find references and understand the needs: an older work may need more protection for its proper conservation. If the paint is valuable, consider using a frame with UV protection to protect it from fading.

  1. Consider the style:

It is important to take into account both the style of the painting and the style of the space in which the work will be placed. If you have a classical work, look for a frame for this type of work; if you have an abstract work, opt for a more modern frame.

  1. Color:

The color of the frame should complement the painting, not compete with it. If the painting has strong colors, use a simple, neutral frame. If, on the other hand, the painting has subdued colors, a more vibrant colored frame can be a good complement.

  1. Lighting:

Take into account the lighting of the space where the work will be located. Remember that a dark frame can absorb light and make the painting look dull, especially if the place is not well lit.

  1. Frame material:

Analyze how the artwork looks and what type of framing can complement its appearance. Wood frames are common and have a variety of finishes that can add value to the work. Metal ones are more modern and carry less visual weight. Keep in mind that the material of the frame should also be taken care of, as frames in materials such as plastic may tend to last less time. Decide on the material then based on how it can complement the work, how eye-catching you want it to be and how much you are willing to invest in one that will last over time.

  1. Size of the work:

The frame should be proportional to the size of the painting. However, you can play with the sizes of both to achieve visual effects. Keep in mind that a frame that is too large can make the painting look small.

Remember to always leave a small space between the painting and the frame to avoid damaging it. For this reason, it is not recommended to use a frame with exactly the same dimensions as the artwork or one that is smaller.

If you are still undecided on which frame may be more convenient for your artwork, write us on Instagram and we will provide you with advice.

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