Sculpture in Colombia and its representatives

18 September, 2023

In Colombia’s artistic panorama, sculpture is consolidating its position as a singular means of expression, capable of transmitting the richness of culture and history in a profound and moving manner. Over the decades and centuries, numerous Colombian sculptors have carved their way in the creation of transcendental works that speak not only of their technical skill, but also of the complexity of Colombian identity.

From classical forms to more contemporary explorations, Colombian sculpture has evolved and persisted as a silent witness to the history and creativity of a nation.

These are 6 Colombian sculptors from different periods whose work you should know:

  1. Fernando Botero

    His work takes on themes such as everyday life in Colombia, art history references and the abuse of power, all of which are unified by his exaggeratedly strong figures. His monumental and robust sculptures can be found around the world and are easily recognizable, and in Colombia, thanks to his generous donations, his sculptures can be seen in almost every city.
Sculpture by Fernando Botero in Madrid, Spain.
  1. Edgar Negret

    Negret puts the concept of the industrial in modernity, with a strong message where nature is exalted through geometric shapes. He adheres to geometric abstraction in which he exalts the volumes and voluptuous forms that are born from the simplest, uniting constructivist and organicist concepts.
Sculpture “Metamorphosis” by Negret in Uruguay.
  1. Ana Mercedes Hoyos

    Ana Mercedes Hoyos is a Colombian artist who excelled in both painting and sculpture. He created figurative works inspired by Colombian folklore. His work constitutes a look at slavery and exalting the cultures that emerged from it, which have developed with pride and a strength that have managed to permeate and influence the dominant culture, enriching it in various aspects ranging from culinary to dance, and from music to costume.
  1. Gustavo Velez

    Gustavo Vélez presents a sculptural proposal through a deliberate and millimetric work of composition that puts the artist against the current of sanity and established order. His works are so perfectly composed that they seem to defy established physical norms with outstanding elegance and simplicity. His work has become popular not only in Colombia, but also in Europe and Asia.
Sculpture by Gustavo Velez presented at Art of the World Gallery in Houston.
  1. Manuel Hernandez

    Manuel Hernández knew how to represent abstract art also in sculpture. Part always
    of wanting to express from color and form. His main concern was to be able to show the
    static in internal movement in an austere and determinant language.
Tribute Sign in Bogota Museum
  1. Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt

    His sculptures have become important landmarks in the country. He was a skilled
    sculptor who used plaster, wood, basalt, stone, bronze and terracotta, among others. From Sus
    larger works were generally commissioned by governmental entities,
    private companies and some simply developed for their personal taste.
Monumento a la Raza, sculpture by Arenas Betancourt in front of the Governor’s Office of Antioquia.

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