Duque Arango Contemporary in Palm Beach

Booth 601 From January 25-29, 2023, the Palm Beach County Convention Center will host the Art Palm Beach fair, which takes advantage of the city’s emerging market with the help of important contemporary art galleries. The Duque Arango Contemporary Gallery is part of the list of galleries that will be present at the fair, encouraging […]

Latin American Muralism: Art as a Political Instrument

Latin American Muralism was born in 1910 after the Mexican Revolution as a way of political expression. It was driven by political activists of the time and developed by groups of young artists. Muralism has been a way of expressing through art an opposition to the dictatorships and violent regimes that have characterized Latin American […]

David Manzur: 70 years of artistic career and an eternity of legacy.

At 93 years old, David Manzur continues to delight us with his painting as if it were the first day, but this year marks 70 years since the beginning of his artistic career. David Manzur was born in Neira, a mountainous region in northwestern Colombia, on December 14, 1929. During 1934, his parents decided to […]

The paradoxes of Ariel Cabrera

To go into details of the work of artist Ariel Cabrera Montejo, it is first necessary to know his origins and history. Ariel Cabrera was born in 1982, in Camaguey, Cuba, but contrary to the traditional figurative works of the history of his country of origin, he shows a more human and fantastic way, while […]

Omar Rayo: A story told in geometry

If we are going to talk about abstract expressionism and geometry in art, it is impossible not to mention the master Omar Rayo. Omar Rayo was born January 20, 1928, in Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. He began his artistic career as a caricaturist drawing and illustrating for local media in Cali and Bogota, and […]

Top 10 most expensive works sold in 2022

This week The Art Market Recap 2022 launched the report of the highest valued works sold at auction this year and we want to showcase 10 of these: 1. Andy Warhol, Shot Sage Blue Marilyn ($195,040,000) Not only was it the most expensive sale this year, but it led to the pop artist’s 40×40-inch painting […]

10 moments of great importance in Art in 2022

Undoubtedly, 2022 was a very busy year in all things art, proclaiming itself as the most expensive in the history of the art market. We would like to highlight some of the most important moments in the art world this year: 1. Record Botero sale On March 11 at a Christie’s auction, Fernando Botero broke […]

Homage to Guayasamín: Pain and Hope

Oswaldo Guayasamín is one of the most recognized representatives of Latin American plastic art. In 1999, the year of his death, he was declared the painter of Ibero-America by the 19th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State. He fused the avant-garde of the beginning of the century, cubism and expressionism with a strong indigenous theme […]

Ana Mercedes Hoyos

This December 17, 2022 Ana Mercedes Hoyos was the most searched person on Google in Latin America, because Google decided to pay tribute to her by dedicating her doodle of the day, which was available in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom and Germany. This is because […]

What’s happening at Art Miami

Art Miami Week Art Miami, which showcases the most significant works of art of the 20th and 21st centuries, is a must-attend fair for collectors, curators, museum professionals and art enthusiasts. It is one of the largest and most prestigious art fairs in the world. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to Miami […]