Julio Larraz


In a world of immediacy and superficiality of the image, the work of Julio Larraz bursts in to remind us that painting is also an act of erudition, where even its wonderful aesthetic fact and visual appeal can be matched by its very discourse. A speech that evidences all his intelligence, his training, his concerns and his criticisms. In Larraz’s case, the discourse that addresses his artistic production has taken longer than the execution of a painting, it has taken him a lifetime to create a whole universe that summarizes it and has given a name to that place: Casabianca.

The curator, 2019

Giacomo Casanova at La Maestranza, 2016

Knight rider, 2019

Conference at Dos Pasos, 2019

The man with the cubist head, 2018

The assignment , 2018

The Suprem, 2015

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