Mauricio Gomez


It is true that many forms grow in unison and make drawings in their search for light at the moment of complementing each other, of rewriting themselves by angularity, by intertwining and breaking. This brush is full of delicate lines, but it is the sun that turns an ochre into yellow, a green into blue and an earth color into a rust.

Where do these thickets live? from a small street in Paris in late summer among greens and fuchsias, or after a long period of rain in the Sibundoy mountains. Each structure contains colors, those that belong to us or that are part of our culture and our own journey.

Sibundoy Valley, 2023

Sibundoy Valley 2, 2023

Tablacito, Rionegro, 2023

Putumayo River, 2023

Pernety, 2023

Le Maquis, 2022

La Prée I, 2023

The Forest 1982, 2023

Barro Blanco, Santa Elena III, 2023

Barro Blanco, Santa Elena II, 2023

Northern Highlands, 2021

Abejorral, Antioquia, 2023

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