Olga de Amaral – Bogotá

The contemporaneity of the ancestral

Something characteristic in the majority of works presented is that the gold leaf is the leading element on the surface and gives the pieces a certain character of “objects of power” worthy of being treasured, but not only for the monetary value of the metal that they represent. In any case, it shines seductively, but because of the destiny that it has taken in the hands of Olga e Amaral to become art, a conduit to sensitively express ideas and thoughts related to the world and life, to respond sensually to intellectual concerns that have undoubtedly fueled his creative reflections.

Alchemy 81, 1982

Alchemy XXXVII (37), 1986

Lost Image 22, 1996

Tapiz 342 - Módulo 1, 1982

Vestige I, 2004

Square sun 10, 1994

Nebula 2, 2014

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