Reynier Ferrer

Disturbing Dichotomies

Ferrer’s work is one to look at closely not only for his excellent pictorial practice, but also for the emotions that support each of his brushstrokes and brushstrokes.

It is undeniable that he dispenses with figuration as a central axis; rather, his work proposes a new reality different from the natural one with a unique language of form, color and line that creates a composition that stands on its own. He moves away from the anecdotal and the narrative to deliver a series of works whose main -and only- objective is to feel.

Metropolis III, 2020

My aunt in her prime, 2023

Changes, 2023

The day I left Miami Beach, 2023

I spoke to her, 2023

Monster, 2019

Waiting for a friend, 2023

The advice once nature gave me V, 2023

Big brother, 2017

Chasing Pheasants II, 2017

Pedigree, 2017

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