Duque Arango Contemporary in Palm Beach

18 January, 2023

Booth 601

From January 25-29, 2023, the Palm Beach County Convention Center will host the Art Palm Beach fair, which takes advantage of the city’s emerging market with the help of important contemporary art galleries.

The Duque Arango Contemporary Gallery is part of the list of galleries that will be present at the fair, encouraging and promoting emerging Colombian artists; a gallery that more than passionate about the exhibition and support for their works, is shown as a space for interaction from different magnitudes, from different styles, influences, processes and interrelationships, where art is an offer for everyone and in turn, support the artists showing their work in a broader way.

The artists who will accompany us during this fair are:

Sair García: Colombian artist who primarily uses the exercise of memory and the respectful and empathetic recognition of the dynamics of violence. His work is unique in achieving a sharp critical commentary on Latin American socio-political history and its inherent violence through the landscape as a central theme, the natural setting where it occurs.

From the Magdalena series, 2022
Oil on satin stainless steel
50 x 50 cm

Javier Caraballo: His amazing technique not only allows him to portray in a certain and meticulous way the children who are the co-protagonists of his works, but also the recognized works of art of artists of the 20th century and seminal works of the 21st century. His paintings are born from a process of research-creation, working drawing workshops with children of different ages; photographing every moment to then faithfully appropriate this and turn them into the protagonists and authors of masterpieces throughout the history of art.

Klimt, 2022
Oil on canvas
140 x 100 cm

Christian Albarracín: His work. Unique in style, it is self-described by him as “three-dimensional compositions in layers of paper”, a style in which the three-dimensionality of the figure, the nature of the material and the play between the movement of light and shadows give life to his work. For a little more than 8 years he has conducted his own self-taught research on the composition of paper: weight, texture and durability, in order to create works that can be exposed to water and the natural environment and remain, making them resistant and durable.

Woman in a coat, 2022
Three-dimensional composition in layers of paper
110 x 48 x 15 cm

Gabriel Ortega: Ortega’s art takes the best qualities of pop art and gives them a personal reinterpretation born from his personal experiences, and he does it in an impeccable way, with his own seal. Undoubtedly, Gabriel Ortega has been attached throughout his career to the use of comics, and not only for his use of characters, but for the way in which his works are narrated and the stories that can be found in them. The scenes take place in the painter’s imagination and he gives us a fragment that allows us, the spectators, to also be part of the speculation that comes from it.

From the TinTin series in the tropics 2023
Oil on canvas
80 x 80 cm

Diego Trujillo: Reason, fiction and illusion are intertwined for the construction of the series of portraits that make up his work; a process of interpretation, transcription and representation, which brings back the presence of true stories that all start from a writing, from a moment in the history of the chronicler, which Diego imagines and captures on paper.

From the series Genesis, 2022
on canvas
100 x 100 cm

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