Flying the River Exhibition, Sair Garcia

Text by Eduardo Serrano Death in Venice is the title of a novel by the German Nobel laureate Tomas Mann and of a film by Luchino Visconti, who narrates the retirement of an old writer, tired and intellectually exhausted, in the splendid Italian city where the main character discovers a forbidden and impossible love. Its […]

Sculpture in Colombia and its representatives

In Colombia’s artistic panorama, sculpture is consolidating its position as a singular means of expression, capable of transmitting the richness of culture and history in a profound and moving manner. Over the decades and centuries, numerous Colombian sculptors have carved their way in the creation of transcendental works that speak not only of their technical […]

Fernando Botero: eternal legacy

Art is in mourning. The sadness of this event overwhelms us and leaves us speechless.Maestro Botero, who for years kept us feeling his essence and his soul through his work.works, who with his sensitivity has filled us with so much inspiration. Today we feeldeeply his absence, remembering how by admiring his art we were able […]

New York: the capital of Art

How did New York become the capital of Art? Paris held the title for decades as the artistic epicenter of the world. Historically,has been a place for meeting, discussion and training of artists; it has been noted for itsthriving cultural scene and a community of artists and intellectuals that included figures such asPablo Picasso and […]

Duque Arango Gallery at the design fair

The Duque Arango Gallery will be present as a sponsor and participant of La Feria del Diseño in the Art category along with an international academic agenda with more than 15 international guests. This new edition of the Fair will have the presence of more than 250 national and international exhibitors from countries such as […]

Why invest in art?

An approach to understanding how the art market works and art itself as an investment possibility. Art, apart from its great aesthetic value, also has a financial aspect. Experts recommend always diversifying investments for greater security; investing in different assets that generate capital protection. Benefits of Art Art makes it possible to enhance a space […]

The representations in Obregón’s painting

Alejandro Obregón (1920-1992) is considered one of the main exponents of the renewal of Colombian art in the 20th century. He contributed significantly to the modernization of art in the country, characterizing his work by a union of elements of European art with the cultural richness and Colombian folklore.Experimentation with perspective and composition was a […]

Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern Art Modern art emerges as a powerful artistic current that burgeons throughout the 20th century. XIX, and its resonance endures unwaveringly in the contemporary creative fabric. See stands as a testament to the human capacity to innovate and explore new ways of artistic expression. In tracing its essence, its propensity for experimentation and constant […]

Forte dei Marmi: Gustavo Velez and the history of sculpture.

Between the sea and the mountains where Michelangelo chose his best stones, you will findForte dei Marmi, where nature, culture and history come together. With its 500 years ofhistory, the opening of the exhibition Geometric Being of the artistGustavo Vélez until September 18, 2023.It is an exhibition composed entirely of his renowned sculptures.monuments that now […]

The best-selling artworks by Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero is one of the most sought-after artists in the art market today; in 2022, he broke his own sales record as the highest-valued living Latin American artist. These have been his best-selling works: 1. Man on horse (4.3M USD) On March 11 at a Christie’s auction, Fernando Botero broke his own record as […]

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