Alejandro Obregon

Four Elements

The Duque Arango Gallery joins the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the master Alejandro Obregón, with the present exhibition “The Four Elements”, curated by Camilo Chico Triana.
In this exhibition, you can see the various observations that the artist makes on the landscape, the backbone theme of his production and the particular relationships of nature that are established in it. The curatorship proposes a journey from the three constitutive elements of the landscape: air, earth and water; adding to them a fourth, which is summarized in the presence of animals or other objects that populate his paintings.
As one of the main exponents of modernity in Colombian Art, Obregón used the tradition of landscape, strongly established since the end of the 19th century in the scene, to consolidate the languages of international modern art, in a place where the discussion was between the relevance of landscape and the growing presence of the influence of Mexican muralism in our nation.
Among the concerns that the artist presents through his production are those of a political nature, which were strongly present until the mid-sixties, and those of an ecological nature, which populated his paintings since the mid-sixties, making him perhaps the first artist in Colombia to denounce these problems.

El Vuelo, CA 1980

Disaster in the marsh, CA 1980

Carnivorous Flowers: Bembicoides, 1984

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