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Fernando Botero

Botero: More than volume

A good connoisseur of Botero will find his compulsive need to fill gaps in those elements that characterize different periods of his work in more than sixty years of artistic career. This time, more than 40 drawings, sculptures and paintings by the master of dimensions, Fernando Botero, converse in the same space. His bulls that initiated his love for art share with paintings of those brothels in the streets of Colombia; his musicians play while his religious figures are surrounded by his characteristic still lifes. The most representative series in the artist’s important career are brought together in the same place and give way to the exhibition Botero: more than volumeBeyond the pictorial quality that makes the master so recognizable, it gives us a glimpse of everything that once marked him in his life and influenced his art, allowing us to understand and appreciate the illustrious Fernando Botero from different milestones.

Reclining woman, 1996

Horse, 2006

The kitchen, 1994

Still life with fruit and pitcher, 1973

Girl eating ice cream, 2011

The boy from Vallecas, 1959

Woman standing, ca 1990

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