Reynier Ferrer in Bogota

Fragmenting the Glance

The materiality in Ferrer’s works is almost tactile. With each brushstroke, the artist manages to create surfaces that seem to take on a life of their own, with a visual richness that goes beyond the merely two-dimensional. His handling of oils, in particular, allows him to build layers upon layers of color and texture, generating a depth that invites visual exploration.

Platonic love, 2024

Emotional Rescue V, 2023

I've found a way, 2024

The evening of the wedding, 2024

Metropolis III, 2020

I spoke to her, 2023

Waiting for a friend, 2023

The advice once nature gave me V, 2023

Chasing Pheasants II, 2017

Pedigree, 2017

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