David Manzur

Time, space and memory

The group of works presented at the Duque Arango Gallery, many from private collections, should be considered a brief anthology of the production of Manzur, an artist who has worked without pause since he was very young, experimenting with form on the flat support. Although works from some periods are missing, the tour through the exhibition informs about important themes and moments in his life as an artist from 1973 to 2022. It is a very varied selection that shows works from the series of Las Ciudades Oxidadas, Los Caballos, Las Meninas, musical instruments, still lifes, and some very beautiful paintings with female characters; in short, a quantification of the production of this Colombian artist would yield information of incredible proportions.

The Cardinal, 2020

The white table, 2020

Night Rider, 2021

The lady who stopped time, 2018

Winter, 2014

The woman in the purple shoe, 2022

Table with instruments, 2021

The hoop, 2021

Summer, 2014

Cardinal Wind, 2020

Bull in Faena, 2019

The ghost, 2021

Bulls drinking water, 2014

Flies, 1998

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